We’ve been waiting on this lady’s musical output for quite some time now. Ever since Danish girlband Sukkerchok (WE FUCKING LOVED THEM) disbanded, we’ve been keeping an eye and ear out for solo material from the girls. Kat Stephie debuted last year with ‘The One & Only’ (short preview here), and now after teasing us on her Facebook page for over a month now, Malene Qvist has just yesterday released her debut single ‘Dynamite’.

And thank Christ – it’s dancepop! Good dancepop. Nothing that reinvents the wheel quite frankly, but amen to that. We enjoy rolling along our neon lit, often quite narrow, one way street of pop music on that aforementioned wheel thank you very much. And ‘Dynamite’ is a jolly great soundtrack. It’s pretty much exactly what we wanted from a Sukkerchok member’s first foray into solo pop.

Following on from Le Kid’s ‘Human Behaviour’ last year, Malene’s ‘Dynamite’ is this year’s theme song to the Danish reality TV show Paradise Hotel.


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