Without a shadow of a doubt, the Swedish Christmas album season in 2010 was dominated by Malena Ernman and Sarah Dawn Finer. With their respective albums ‘Santa Lucia’ and ‘Winterland’, the two ladies had the most high profile and biggest selling Christmas records of last year (‘Winterland’ in particular basically kept us feeling warm during what was our first ever winter living in Sweden). The result of their success in 2010 means that both ladies are now each commencing their own 2011 Christmas tours later this month, one year on. And together, they’re releasing a new Christmas album – released next week in Sweden.

The album, ‘En Riktigt God Jul’ takes the best bits of Malena’s ‘Santa Lucia’ and the highlights of Sarah’s ‘Winterland’, and puts them together along with (most excitingly of all!) three brand new tracks. These three songs consist of a new recording by Malena, a new recording by Sarah, and (again – most excitingly of all!) a duet by the pair!

When it’s released next week, it’ll only be available in Coop stores around Sweden. However, Malena and Sarah – being the absolute dears that they are – are allowing us to stream clips of the three new songs so that people can have a listen. ‘Tis the season, etc etc etc.

So. Here those snippets be;

Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer: ‘Santa Lucia (Strålande Helgonfé)’

[audio:http://lowculture.co.uk/scandi/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Santa-Lucia-Strålande.mp3|titles=Santa Lucia Strålande]

Malena Ernman: ’ Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle’

[audio:http://lowculture.co.uk/scandi/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Tu-Scendi-Dalle-Stelle.mp3|titles=Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle]

Sarah Dawn Finer feat Samuel Ljungblahd: ’Is Anybody There’

[audio:http://lowculture.co.uk/scandi/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Is-Anybody-Out-There.mp3|titles=Is Anybody Out There]

We spent a large portion of this morning listening to all three in full and allowing ourselves to get worked up into a Yuletide state of mind. They make a suitably ace contribution to the already impressive repertoire of seasonal tunes that already existed between 2010’s ‘Santa Lucia’ and ‘Winterland’ albums. It’s especially gorgeous to hear the voices of Malena and Sarah harmonise on their duet. Although of the three new songs, right now we’ve taken a particular shine to Sarah’s upbeat ‘Is Anybody Out There’. The middle eight is as joy to the ears as it is ‘Joy To The Word’!

Bravo ladies!

And as an extra special Christmas gift that keeps giving, a percentage of profits from the album will be donated to Kooperation Utan Gränser.

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