This absolute tune and a half that we wrote about earlier this week, has been getting quite a lot of good feedback. Almost 200 Facebook “likes” so far on our original Scandipop article, and more importantly – some success with the Swedish music buying public.

Since its release earlier this week, the single has been edging closer and closer to number 1 on Swedish iTunes, reaching as high as number 2 – before the very chap that Majestee of Sweden’s founding members and producers helped make a big star (a certain Mr Saade, whom they’ve written songs for) released his own comeback single and ruled.

Now though, they’ve just released the first look at them doing their thing live – for those who haven’t been able to attend any of their gigs so far. The below video is a performance of their new single ‘Governor’, performed at their very first gig in Berns, Stockholm a few months back. It gives a better glimpse into what the music collective is all about. And shows what an amazing frontwoman they have in the form of INA.

If we had pierced ears, we would want those Majestee of Sweden branded ear rings she’s sporting.

Governor - Single - Majestee of Sweden


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