Maja Ivarsson was in her ELEMENT on this weekend’s Så Mycket Bättre – having a go at one of Miss Li’s songs.

She took on ‘Dancing The Whole Way Home’, and turned it into a stomping pop track with a carefree punk twist. It sounds like it could have been a b-side from Girls Aloud’s first or second album eras. Yes, THAT good! It’s a short and sweet number, about meeting someone fit on a night out, and giving yourself a pat on the back about it on the way home. Or rather, dancing, as the lyrics go.

Så Mycket Bättre is capturing Sweden’s attention as good as ever this year, with seven of the ten tracks in the iTunes top 10 this morning, coming from the show. Maja is yet to have a number 1 with any of her songs, like Darin, Miss Li, and Magnus Uggla have enjoyed, but hers have been consistently selling each week, and her performances are always something quite memorable.

Also, Warner Music tweeted a picture this week for the album photo shoot. We’re getting excited about it.

Dancing the Whole Way Home - Så mycket bättre, säsong 3 - Miss Li's dag, Program 3 - EP


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