Magnus Uggla & Carola: ‘Jag Vill Ha Dig Baby’

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TV show The Voice has commenced in Sweden now. It started last week and is already earning itself a fair amount of attention and viewership. Thanks in part to the success and big name of the American version of the show last year, but also thanks largely to the prolific judging panel. Carola, Magnus Uggla, Petter, and The Ark’s Ola Salo are all on hand to dish out much valued opinions and mentorship.

Two of these judges have also clearly been taking tips from the US version of the show in another way though. Last year two of the American judges – Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine – teamed up, recorded and released a single that went on to become one of the biggest bonafide hits around the world in 2011, ‘Moves Like Jagger’. So being quick on the uptake, Magnus Uggla has been in cahoots with Carola and they’ve this week released a single themselves.

It’s a new version of a track from Magnus Uggla’s album last year – a track he originally recorded with Edith Backlund, ‘Jag Vill Ha Dig Baby’ (I Want You Baby). Although it’s not just a new vocal that’s been added. The production has also been given an overhaul, at the hands of Swedish production maestro Niclas Kings.

With the addition of Carola, and in particular Niclas – it’s turned into a much more commercially enjoyable listen. So it’s a big ‘job done’ to all involved. And it’s definitely worth 2 minutes and 58 seconds of your time. Not just because it’s the aforementioned¬†enjoyable¬†listen, but also because it lets you in on what’s probably gonna be the biggest hit in Sweden over the next couple of months – well, until those Melodifestivalen big hitters are released in early March anyway!

Swedish Spotify users can stream it here.

And everyone else can take a listen to where it’s streaming (albeit illegally!) here!

Oh, and if you’re interested – here’s the original with Edith.


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