Magnus Carlsson – ‘The:Collection’!

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magnus carlsson 111140398Magnus Carlsson truly is an icon of modern day Swedish pop, schlager, dansband, and disco. He’s vocalled many a brilliant tune, and when you place the best of the best back to back, you’ve got hours of top notch listening to enjoy. So we’ve gone and created a Spotify playlist to showcase just that.

He has of course already released an ambitious 40 track Greatest Hits album himself, 2008’s ‘Re:Collection’. It was a compilation of his most famous moments from his solo career, his beginnings in Barbados, and his time in Alcazar. But we’ve always had a few gripes with that album. For the most part, it’s packed with stellar hits that we love – but in fairness, it’s also got its share of tripe on there too. ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’? No thank you, Magnus. ‘I Was Born This Way’? We certainly didn’t love either him or capital H.I.M. And ‘YMCA’? No, no, no. So we’ve always found it quite difficult to pop that album on and let it play from start to finish, as while the high points are undoubtedly amazing, the low points are just too jarring.

So we decided to rectify the situation by creating our own Magnus Carlsson Greatest Hits playlist – ‘The: Collection’! And we haven’t just sliced away the bad parts of ‘Re:Collection’, oh no. We’ve also gone back through his extensive repertoire and plucked out some lesser known gems that need their time to shine too. Again, from his solo career, and his stints in Alcazar and Barbados. Plus, we’ve also included some of the songs from the album which was released after ‘Re:Collection’, which incidentally we feel is his best solo album to date – ‘Pop Galaxy’. So finally we’ve got a Magnus Carlsson Greatest Hits collection that truly is all killer and no filler. We can press play at the start, and two hours later it still hasn’t ended, and there’s been no dip in quality. It’s an unrelenting powerhouse of those aforementioned genres that he’s mastered – pop, schlager, dansband, and disco!

You can have a listen to ‘The:Collection’ here.

Or if you can’t stream all of those tracks in your Spotify due to territory restrictions, you can make your own playlist via the tracklisting which is in the comments section below.


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