Mads Langer: ‘You’re Not Alone’

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Ok, so we’re essentially a year behind on this one, but never mind.

Young Danish pop gentleman, Mads Langer, has gone and crafted a fantabulous re-arrangement of the mega 90’s dance hit from Olive, ‘You’re Not Alone’. He’s put an acoustic guitar spin on it, and turned what was already a euphorically brilliant club track, into a heartwarming and effecting pop song. Whereas before, the haunting lyrics were delivered eerily behind some massive synths, now they’re sung with a charming sincerity and warmth. We still prefer the almighty original of course, but we’re very much enjoying this new arrangement of the classic.

The song was brought to our attention by Joakim on scandipop’s new Facebook chat group. You can find the group here, and request to join at the top right hand side of the page. It’s just a little corner of the internet where like minded folk can chat about all things Scandinavian pop music! So do pop by if that interests you.

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