MØ: ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’

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One of 2013’s most raved about and blogged about new artists is back in 2014 with a brand new single that she got featured on BBC Radio 1 yesterday. Zane Lowe named it his Hottest Record in the World. Nice! Maybe she’ll finally get an actual bonafide (and long overdue) hit out of it. It’s Danish popstress MØ and ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’.

And perhaps in keeping with its BBC Radio feature, ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ may well be the sound of MØ chasing that aforementioned hit. It’s her usual sound and style – fret not – but slightly tweaked to be that little bit more universal and radio friendly. Although that may be purely unintentional of course – and probably is, knowing MØ’s seemingly nonchalant approach to the whole commercial success thing. In parts, ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ is a little reminiscent of her fellow Dane Oh Land. Imagine those two on a record together!

Personally we prefer her weirder moments, like ‘Pilgrim’ and the Scandipop Award nominated ‘Glass’. But this is still bloody well ace, so it would appear that our MØ can shimmy from alternative to commercial without compromising any of her magic either way. And we’re looking forward to her first full length album – ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ – which comes out in March.

‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ is out now and has been released outside of Denmark too.


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