Author: Ines Marinho

Lxandra, the Finnish artist who won the Music Moves Europe Talent Award, released her second major label in May. ‘Swimming Pools’ is the name of the new song that tells you to always be who you are and to hold onto where you came from. The Helsinki-raised and now Berlin-based artist released her major label debut single ‘Dig Deep‘ “Dig Deep” one year ago and comes back with “a big middle finger to the societies’ expectations” with the single “Swimming Pools”.

The track is taken from her upcoming EP “Another Lesson Learned” and it was written by Lxandra, Axel Ehnström, and Martin Kleveland. On her Facebook, the artist says that “the day they wrote ‘Swimming pools’ she was really frustrated at the system, at the world that runs on money.

They decided to write a song that is about being happy with what you have and showing a middle finger to capitalism and the sometimes-impossible expectations of society. About remembering who you are and where you come from and always holding on to that. Cos money or success doesn’t bring happiness, the beautiful cliché: it’s in the little things.”

On June 7th the tune was brought a little bit more to life, with the official release of the video clip, directed by Iiris Heikka. The clip shows the singer at the beach at dawn, playing the piano while some images of her floating in a swimming pool appear at the same time.

The 23-year-old singer gained the attention of people with “Dig Deep”, being advertised by both domestic and international media. Her voice gets many comparisons to Adele, which for her “is a good compliment” and it opened a different door to the cultural music of Finland.

Lxandra was raised on an island that is fifteen minutes from Helsinki, by boat. Suomenlinna is the name of an inhabited sea fortress in Finland. It is one of Finland’s most touristic attractions and belongs to the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Around 850 people live there, and it is a mandatory visit for all of those who visit the capital of the land of the thousand lakes.

The singer is not the new face of music from the family. Lxandra’s father, Pekka Lehti, is known in Finland as a musician and a producer. The artist’s father is her business associate and her brother play guitar in her band. Also, the producer Lxandra has been working with is also from Suomenlinna. We guess the singer is really “remembering where she comes from” and “holding onto that” like she sings in the new song ‘Swimming Pools’.

Swimming Pools is not the first reference of Lxandra to the societies’ expectations and the “sickness” she talks about. “Dig Deep” criticizes the image and stereotypes of women that still exist in society. She raises her voice against the be quiet and stay pretty and untouchable women’s idea. Sia and Lana del Rey are two big inspirations for the artist, with a clear powerful image on music. Lxandra gives all of her support and defends that women should be free, loud and not be afraid of men.

Lxandra didn’t yet confirm new projects but she leaves the tip to keep on paying attention to her own work. She hinted already that something new is coming but didn’t reveal anything else. Until then, “Swimming Pools” is the newly single people can taste for the following singles of the vocalist. “Dig Deep”, “Pride” and “Flicker” are also other songs from her previous work that can be found on the official channels of the Finnish artist.

After the calamitous fail that Finland suffered this year in Eurovision, with disco icon Darude trying to resuscitate his career and ending dead last in his semifinal, maybe someone like Lxandra is what the northern European country needs to get back to feature high in the odds for the annual music event. Otherwise, if they continue trying to bring blasts from the past, Finland will become like the New York Mets in the baseball odds to win the World Series: a team with huge potential, that underachieves year after year.

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