Lovelipop: ‘Searching Love’

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So then! THESE girls eh? A brand new Swedish girlband who have been put together by YOHIO. And in case you’re wondering why they all look a little……”different”, it’s because they’ve been styled under YOHIO’s visual kei concept. More importantly however, they’ve just released their debut single. It’s called ‘Searching Love’ and it’s QUITE something, so you should give it a listen.

Turbo bubblegum video-arcade cheese rave slight-dubstep amazing-middle-eight synth bounce candy lovelipop.

We like it quite a lot, as it happens. And we’re glad they’re here.

Lovelipop are Lilin, Nea, Victoria and Impa. They got put together after YOHIO held some internet auditions looking for members. ‘Searching Love’ was written and produced by YOHIO himself. And the girls have been signed to YOHIO’s own record label, KEIOS Entertainment. YOHIO YOHIO YOHIO.

Listen to ‘Searching Love’ below via Spotify, or on YouTube if you can’t get it on Spotify.

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