Lotta På Liseberg commences…

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Lotta På Liseberg 2011 kicked off in (a certain kind of) style in Gothenburg and on TV4 this evening. Scandipopstars, grey weather, and an audience that wears an awe inspiring cross section of utter misery and unbridled joy on their faces – we love it!

For the duration of the summer, we’ll be bringing you the best of each week’s performances, and doing the same with SVT’s Allsång På Skansen. So who do we have this week?

Well Sanna Nielsen was the main attraction of the night, sauntering on to the stage first time around to perform her new single, ‘Can’t Stop Love Tonight’. She also treated folk to an acoustic version of ‘I’m In Love’, and led the crowd in a rendition of Swedish classic, ‘Ta Mig Till Havet’. Further entertainment was provided by scandipop favourites, Le Kid, as they joined their label mate, Orup, on the new version of his current single that they’ve recorded with him, ‘Huddinge’. We were treated to les kids in their Melodifestivalen ‘Oh My God’ outfits, camping it up behind Orup, at times even indulging in a bit of vogueing. There you have it.

Actually, HERE you have it;

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