Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ has been given the remix treatment for its UK release. Not that one can improve on perfection, but still – they’re great to have regardless. The new mixes come courtesy of WAWA and scandipop.co.uk favourites 7th Heaven.

These were commissioned before Loreen’s Eurovision win on Saturday, with the WAWA mix (radio edit and extended) sent out as promos to UK DJ’s on Friday.

It’s the 7th Heaven mix that we’re favouring out of the two though. It’s more commercial, and stays as true as possible to the original that we all know and love so much. They’ve really captured what is great about the song, and built upon it further. It is, to use a predictable and obvious term when discussing this song, euphoric. And amen to that! 7th Heaven have uploaded a long clip to their website, so you can take a listen here.

Hmmm – what else is happening in ‘Euphoria’ land since yesterday?…..

Well, it’s now gone to number 1 on UK iTunes, and started to get some all important UK radio play too. It’s also number 1 in 21 other countries around Europe. And perhaps just as impressively, it’s this afternoon managed to go top 15 (and constantly climbing) in Australia too. Crikey.

She has of course put out a thank you video for everyone’s support. Watch that here.

Another video that’s popped up is this super brill footage of the Swedish royal guards (!!!) performing a rendition of ‘Euphoria’. Amazing.

Below you can take a listen to the new WAWA remix of ‘Euphoria’, and below that there’s a link to buy the UK mixes on iTunes. If you’re the type who prefers a CD single though, you can still pick up the CD of ‘Euphoria’ (containing 7 mixes) from our online store here.

Euphoria (Remixes) - EP - Loreen





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