Loreen: ‘Crying Out Your Name’ (Hellberg remix)

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So yeah you’ll remember this Hellberg chap that we wrote about last week. He’d done marvellous things to a one Ms Petra Marklund and her new single ‘Händerna Mot Himlen’. Well now he’s done similarly marvellous things to another topical lady and her current hit single – Loreen and ‘Crying Out Your Name’.

Like so many of our favourite remixes, it’s not a complete makeover of a song that we already love in its original form. Instead, it’s more of an extended version of that original, with a gentle kick up the behind. Y’know – more synths and things and stuff. It’s for those song that you think “yeah I really love this, but I wish it lasted longer and I’d love a version in which it really lets fucking rip“. Well readers, ‘Crying Out Your Name’ is that song, and Hellberg’s production in that remix.

If you’ve still not heard the original ‘Crying Out Your Name’, then Christ on a bike what on EARTH have you been doing over the past few days? But yes, it’s here. And behold Hellberg’s remix;


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