Look what we found in The Attic!

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The Attic are back some seriously good tunage, under the guise of their real names, Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo. We don’t know why they’re now releasing music under this name instead of, or as well as, The Attic. But that’s not important we guess. What IS important is that the music is just as good as when they were/are The Attic. And it sort of is.

New track ‘Free’ starts off quite odd. As you’ll hear in the clip below, it at first seems as though they’ve gone down the minimal electro house route. And the first half of the clip is actually really disappointing and nothingy. But THEN!……a really catchy saxophone riff rears its head, makes itself known, and doesn’t stop. It’s then joined by massive, intrusive, euphoric trance synths. And this, in dance music terms, is where it all ”goes off”! It reminds us of the downstairs floor of Manchester club Essential, circa 2002 – 2006 – in otherwords, serotonin inducingly amazing!


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