Meet new Swedish electro icon Lizette Lizette. Well, we say new, but she’s actually been doing the whole music thing for a while now, singing with bands and recording music and doing gigs. But she’s new in the sense that she’s only now finally getting around to releasing her debut solo EP.

Lizette Lizette is Of Note for two reasons;

1. Current single ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ is pretty damn good.
2. She’s calling her debut EP ‘Raveland’. RAVELAND! If ever there was a way to endear yourself to us, it’s by calling a body of your work ‘Raveland’.

As the title of its parent EP suggests, the single ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ is not quite a ballad. It’s electro/dance/pop (you can delete as applicable yourself, for we certainly haven’t been able to define its genre) that’s been drenched in twenty year old seasoning, and cooked enough to bring out maximum 90s flavours. It bangs, it raves, and it generally makes a hell of a lot of unrelenting noise. And it serves as an exciting introduction to what this ‘Raveland’ lark is gonna sound like.

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ actually came out around April last year originally, but it was recently reinvigorated and given a re-release, ahead of ‘Raveland’s impending release date of early March. Here’s its new video;

Wheel of Fortune - Single - Lizette Lizette




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