Little Jinder: ‘Parked My Heart’

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littlejinderparked e1334397439817

Swedish singer Little Jinder has just put out a brand new song, the so down-tempo it slips into a coma halfway through ‘Parked My Heart’. It’s as easy on the ears as that description suggests, too.

Personally we prefer the drama-laden atmospheric trip that was her previous single, ‘Keep On Dreaming‘. But while that was ironically more suited to being the soundtrack of a big budget nightmare, ‘Parked My Heart’ is the sound of a peaceful dream. It’s got a really sweet lyric too, in its “here we are, I’ve parked my heart here“. Isn’t that a lovely thing to say to someone?!

She sounds very Annie-esque here in the ol’ vocal department. Very. But this could never be a bad thing. Like her Norwegian counterpart, it’s a voice that soothes and mellows – it’s the most un-intrusive type of vocal there could be, short of an absolute whisper.

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