Lise Karlsnes: ‘Dance Or Die’

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What a weekend for Lise Karlsnes!

Tonight she’ll be competing in the third and final heat of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix with the song ‘Sailors’. She’s expected to make the final quite easily, and has even found herself with some endorsement from Popjustice on the matter. We hope she does well and we’re sure she’s gonna pull a blinder of a performance out of the bag.

However, in the grand scheme of things, what is much more important than tonight is the fact that yesterday she finally released her debut solo album, ‘Dance Or Die’. This news is great in itself, but what’s even better is the fact that she’s uploaded the whole thing to soundcloud and is allowing everybody in the entire WORLD listen to it.

We had a play or two of it yesterday. It contains ‘Sailors’ of course – an extended album edit. And the two songs from her that we’ve written about on here before – ‘Red Hot‘ and ‘Darkest Blue‘. And a myriad of (7) other similarly mooded and molded electropop songs. ‘Tis a cohesive collection from her. Admittedly one that falls into the trap of blending together and sounding a bit samey on first listen. But we’ve already spotted a few highlights that will undoubtedly come into their own during repeated listens. We’re looking forward to getting to know it a lot better.

And thanks to Lise, we can;

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