Linnea Henriksson: New Single & New Album!

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Linnea Henriksson has been WOWing with her brand new album ‘Du Söker Bråk, Jag Kräver Dans’ released last month in Sweden. As the title track insinuated, it’s a whole new flirtation for Linnea with a sexier electronic sound merging with the indiepop style that she’s already known for. We liked what she did on her first album. We love what she’s doing on her new album.

New single ‘Cecilia’ is another song that hammers that point home. ‘Cecilia’ also comes as a ph’nom club remix, courtesy of John de Sohn. You can listen to that on Spotify.

Recently, Linnea appeared on TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon to perform three songs. New single ‘Cecilia’, previous single ‘Du Söker Bråk, Jag Kräver Dans’, and another highlight from the album, ‘Halmstad’ (which we expect to be the next single, such is its amazingnessness).

The new album is out now in Sweden. Or if you live outside of Sweden, you can pick it up on CD from our store.

Here are the three songs performed live, just below the studio version of new single ‘Cecilia’;

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