Linnea Henriksson: ‘Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam’

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’Tis always something of a noteworthy event to us when a girl (or a guy, but you know we have a particularly soft spot for pop girls!) who has come from Swedish Idol, releases her first taste of post-Idol music. We’ve never actually watched a series of Idol (although will most certainly start watching this year now that Alexander Bard is on the judging panel!), but the list of Swedish Idol alumni is of course too obvious and too great to list here. Most recently, the 2009 edition has brought us some great music from Tove Styrke, Erik Grönwall, Erika Selin, and Rebound’s Eddie Razaz and Rabih Jaber.

First out of the blocks of the 2010 series of Idol (with the exception of the obligatory winner’s single and album) is Linnea Henriksson, who placed 4th at the end of last year. Yesterday she unleashed her debut single ‘Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam’ (it’s not actually a double a-side, it’s just written like that!) to iTunes and Spotify in Sweden, and so naturally we’ve been giving it a few listens.

Straight away, it’s apparent that if she’s gonna go anywhere near the musical stylings of the Idol girls that have gone before her, then it’ll be down the same route as Amanda Jensen, rather than say Agnes Carlsson or even Tove Styrke. It’s still pop, but it’s alternative pop. So alternative in fact, that even after two days of listening to it on Spotify, we still don’t know quite what to make of it. It sounds quite special, and it’s definitely an enjoyable listen, but we can’t put our finger on what it is we like about it. While we attempt analyze it, you lot should probably take a listen to it anyway in the meantime.

Here you go;

What did you think of that, then?

As for how it’s been received in other parts – well it’s yet to make a dent in the Swedish iTunes top 100, despite her Idol fame. But then it was only released yesterday morning, and to very little fanfare too, so time will tell.

Linnea Henriksson – we’ll be watching you!

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