Line: ‘Vi Forsvinder’ & ‘Gennemsigtig’

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Here are two songs from interesting Danish popstar Line. Interesting because she finished in 2nd place on the 2012 series of X Factor Denmark, and was put to work with Medina’s producers straight away. Neither of the two songs are singles, she just bunged them up on YouTube recently, as two cuts from her six track debut EP that came out at the beginning of the year. They were uploaded with no explanation. But as they’re both pretty damn brilliant, we thought it best to share them here.

‘Vi Forsvinder’ is the ever so slightly better of the two songs, although both are supremely good. It’s a beat driven electro ballad. Moody in melody, but an irresistible bad mood that leaves you helplessly rushing to succumb to its comforting black spell of shared doom and gloom. And it’s got a catchy melody that makes you want to sing along and recruit more to simper with in your feelings of despair. But it’s in Danish, so chances are most people won’t understand what you’re going on about.

‘Gennemsigtig’ is equally as gut wrenching with its melody. It’s the sort of thing that Medina would unleash and be applauded for. And in fact it’s likely that it’s Medina’s producers, The Providers, who have worked on both of these tracks. We say likely, because we know that they worked on the EP, but we don’t have the exact credits to hand, and there is pretty much zero info about Line and her music ‘pon de internet. But yeah we reckon it’s them behind it.

More Line music on Scandipop right here.

And here are the two songs. Unfortunately limited to a release on Danish iTunes. And with a scarcely updated Facebook page and little success as a result of the EP, we do wonder if we’ll ever be hearing from little old Line ever again. Cherish these songs while you can. They’re pretty special.

Vi Forsvinder

Vi Forsvinder - Line - EP


Gennemsigtig - Line - EP


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