Linda Sundblad: ‘Det E Som Det E’ (preview)

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Following on from ‘Intim‘, ‘Tråsig‘, and our own personal favourite ‘Hur Kan Jag Sakna Nåt Jag Aldrig Haft‘, Linda Sundblad is about to put out a 4th corker of a Swedish language single in a row. And she’s giving Scandipop readers a preview.

New single is ‘Det E Som Det E’ (It Is What It Is) and it has Linda taking the tempo down a notch or twenty. ‘Tis a super sweet ballad with the most lushest of lush melodies to it. Said melody is so soothing, that it’s practically a lullaby come the chorus. In fact, were it not for cold hard fact that the song is so captivatingly listenable, we could well have nodded off while playing it during that usual post lunch, food coma, lull. It’s happened before.

Linda Sundblad. That’s four genuinely fantastic singles in a row now. We’re predicting that this forthcoming album or EP (or whatever she has planned, but there had better be SOMETHING planned) of hers is going to be one of those genuine all-killer-no-filler affairs, and we do an inverted squeal with excitement every time we think about it.

‘De E Som Det E’ was scribed by the hands and minds of Linda Sundblad and Elias Kapari.

Here’s the preview of those fruits of their much appreciated labour;

[audio:|titles=Det e som det e – preview!]

That preview tantalisingly cuts off just as the best bit of the song is getting into its stride – the chorus.  But the song will be released in full soon, and can therefore be adored accordingly then.

So there you go.


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