Lille Sällskapet: ‘Jag Vill Ut’

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This is an amazing song that we’ve been hearing on Swedish radio a lot recently and absolutely loving.

‘Jag Vill Ut’ by Lilla Sällskapet. It follows that newly on trend (in Sweden) formula that we spoke about before here – an indie topline plonked over an ph’nom 90’s house music production. It sounds like a HADDAWAY song! And we can’t think of a better direction in which we’d like all indie music to go, can you, readers? This sounds incredible on great speakers, and we’ve already been playing it lots at our DJ gigs. Lilla Sällskapet aren’t the sort of band to float our boat normally, but this is undeniably immense. Keep it up, fellows.

Lilla Sällskapet are those two gents pictured above (obviously), and we don’t think we’d be alone in saying “hello there, Mr Sällskapet on the left. How do you do“.

The boys finally premiered the video today, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a song that’s titled ‘Jag Vill Ut’, which means ‘I Wanna Go Out’. It features the chaps strutting around a Swedish town on a summer’s evening, drinking beer from a can and observing everything going on around them. Class.

And they’ve released it outside of Sweden too, the kind souls.

Jag vill ut - Single - Lilla Sällskapet



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