What is the legal status of Parimatch in Ukraine?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left no country unscathed. All territories around the world have needed to adopt all kinds of measures in the health front but also in the economic front as well. A country that has been hit particularly hard with the virus has been Ukraine. Currently, the Parliament of the country is discussing a wide range of measures that will attempt to alleviate the burden that has been put on its citizens and the national budget. One of these measures, as it will be discussed further here, will directly impact the Parimatch legalization Ukraine, and most likely, it will be in a positive way. 

A group of congresspeople have proposed a series of laws and reforms that could have the following consequences for Ukraine: 

  • reduce corruption;
  • better absorb the impact of the economic recession triggered by the virus;
  • and also, stimulate internal demand! 

In what concerns Parimatch directly, one of these proposed laws has to do with completely legalizing this and other companies of its kind. There are a few different ways on which this particular law can benefit the Ukrainian national budget as a whole. The most noticeable of them, is that the national income may significantly increase due to the taxation that will be applied to these companies. According to the congresspeople behind this project, this is the fastest way to increase the income of the country. Of course, this income is desperately needed given all the situation with the pandemic in Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Critics have launched unfunded defamation campaigns

Of course, whenever something becomes a matter of political debate, it will spark some controversy. This matter about the legalization of Parimatch and other companies of its kind have not been the exception. However, the various claims that these campaigns have made have been progressively debunked, meaning that they have been proven to be absolutely unfounded. There have been many lies and fake news spread all across the Internet. For this reason, it is also essential to warn average Internet users to be extremely careful when sharing or spreading information through this medium. It is always a good idea to verify the information from other sources for ensuring that it is true. 

For this reason, it is necessary to have a serious debate about these kinds of matters. As it has been discussed numerous times, allowing for the full legalization of Parimatch and its related companies will bring lots of benefits not only for the company and its members, but also for the Ukrainian society as a whole. There is a lot of income that can be received through taxation and other mechanisms. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact over all Ukrainians, even over those who have never used a sportsbook before. 

None other than Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, is also a supporter of this idea. Hopefully, this will result in a serious debate that will result in a positive result for all parties involved.



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