Last night’s Allsång På Skansen performances!

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We went along to Allsång På Skansen last night. With a line up of Darin, Timoteij, and Kikki Danielsson, we couldn’t possibly say no, could we?!

It transpired this week that Darin has released one of the best singles of the year, ‘Love Killer’. Despite us disliking the live version we’d heard last month, we love Love LOVE the studio version, and have listened to it far too much over the last few days. So we were looking forward to seeing it live again last night, but with a new found appreciation of it. That didn’t happen though. As a live song, it’s still totally underwhelming. We have no idea why. It’s just not right! It’s certainly not Darin’s fault, he sang it perfectly. It’s not the visuals either, because he looked great (that jacket is incredible!). There’s just something that doesn’t translate from record to live. We’re guessing it’s mostly the choir, but we think there’s more to it than that. You can see the live performance below, and hear the studio version here.

Nevertheless, the Darin show was an enjoyable one. Not only did he do his Melodifestivalen entry, ‘You’re Out Of My Life’, but he also sang our FAVOURITE Lena Philipsson song, ‘Kärleken Är Evig’! We squealed!

Kikki was a very pleasant surprise. She’s looking fantastic these days and the best she’s looked in a long time. She did old favourite ‘Bra Vibrationer’ and ‘Let This Light Shine On Me Forever’.

And lastly, Timoteij performed ‘Kom’ of course. Still a charm after all this time. And they also sang what appeared to be a huge favourite with the crowd last night, ‘Fjäril Vingad Syns På Haga’.

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