Last night a DJ saved her life

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For some odd reason there were many of you who were disappointed with Shirley Clamp’s recent Melodifestivalen song, ‘Med Hjartat Fyllt Av Ljus’. Some were heartbroken that she’d returned with a ballad, others felt it was all too underwhelming, and the rest were appalled at her attempt at the key change and its ensuing notes! We however, loved it. It’s beautiful, packed with emotion, bursting with catchy melody, and if you have the studio version – the vocals are as perfect as any Shirley record.


Never mind. Now, EVERYONE can be happy and enjoy the song. For Oscar Holter has remixed it and reimagined it as a trashy, lowest common denominator dance record – our favourite kind! The remix turns the song into the camp uptempo anthem that everyone wanted to hear from Shirley at her Melodifestivalen comeback. We adore it even more than we like the original, and we can’t wait to play it at full volume at the scandipop club night this coming Thursday (19th!). Thank you Shirley for providing your fans with the very best of two completely different worlds. How could they stay cross with you for long. The remix is available as the b-side to the single release of ‘Med Hjartat Fyllt Av Ljus’, but you can play it in the background of the clip below. We’ve also posted the original performance in all its glory, and boy, what glory that is. We’re of the stubborn opinion that that performance was magical, despite the two questionable notes near the end. Have a look for yourself, we wouldn’t lie to you!

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