Laleh has announced the next single from her already successful ‘Sjung’ album – the aptly titled ‘Vårens Första Dag’ (Spring’s First Day).

The spike in popularity she received at the end of last year thanks to Så Mycket Bättre was maintained by the album’s lead single ‘Some Die Young‘ a few months back, and that’s still doing well in sales and on radio. But the new single shouldn’t have a problem making its own mark, because intentionally or not (probably not), it actually incorporates elements of both of her two biggest recent hits.

‘Vårens Första Dag’ has the same tempo and style that made her cover of ‘Ängeln i Rummet’ so popular. And its chorus does that trick of shifting in melody that ‘Some Die Young’ did so appealingly. It’s very much the Laleh that Swedish listeners have gotten to know over the last six months. And indeed, love;

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