Laleh released a brand new single on Friday. The lead song to be taken from the soundtrack of the new Swedish film ”Tusen Bitar – en film om Björn Afzelius”.

The song is also called ‘Tusen Bitar’, a cover of the Björn Afzelius classic (which itself was a Swedish version of Anne Linnet’s ‘Tusind Stykker’). Laleh turns in a splendidly upbeat and jovial recording of the song (the original was a slow ballad). Easily making it her very own – it could have fitted in perfectly on either of her two most recent albums. So yes, it’s VERY Laleh. If you like her usual stuff, then this will slot in nicely.

Here’s the original, if you fancy comparing.

And here’s Laleh’s (to our ears, actually superior) ‘Tusen Bitar’;

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