Laleh: ‘Elephant’

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Laleh is releasing another single off of her megarrific ‘Sjung’ album which has been quite the massive success in Sweden this year. She’s going with ‘Elephant’.

Not a trance-tastic (or even transtastic) cover of the Alexandra Burke song of the same name unfortunately. But it’s a fab ickle track all the same. It’s as charming and cute as an actual baby Elephant – you know when you see photos of how little they are when standing next to their elders. There’s an endless amount of captivating musical intricacies hidden within the song, capped off with Laleh’s rousing melody over the top of it. It’s not as genius as ‘Some Die Young’, but it’s very much its own breed of brilliance.

Non Swedes can pick up her ‘Sjung’ album (and some of her other albums) from our online store here.

Now though. ‘Elephant’;

Elephant - Sjung


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