Laleh: ‘Boom’

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Laleh has got herself a new EP that is set for a STATESIDE release! And today over on TIME MAGAZINE (!!!) she has premiered the title track from it – brand new song ‘Boom’.

Big. That’s got to be quite exciting for her. And well deserved too. One of Sweden’s most consistent artists in terms of quality, and with that one of the country’s most critically lauded and publicly loved. The ‘Boom’ EP will also feature recent Swedish singles ‘Stars Align’ and ‘Colors’. But on new song ‘Boom’ she has saved something special for the Americans. It sounds very typically Laleh, yet it plays host to an intricate melody that intertwines between the verse and chorus in a unique way that makes it so that one doesn’t make sense without the other. Wow.

Speaking about the new song to TIME Magazine, she says: ‘Something happened to me while writing this song. I suddenly froze, and the lyric “leave the dirt in the earth to bloom” came to me. I like the image of leaving the past in the hands of the earth and the soil, and letting it make a flower out of it. ‘Boom’ is really about life and leaving life alone. Leaving it in the solid, in the dirt to bloom. I love life more than anything, therefore I understand death’.

Here’s ‘Boom’;


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