Kun for ME!

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Remember last year’s MONSTER Danish hit ‘Kun For Mig’ by Medina (later translated into ‘You & I’ for the UK market)? Well, despite it being throughly amazing, and a massive seller in Denmark, it never quite broke through in any of the neighbouring Scandinavian countries. Step forward Sichelle, to take full advantage of this! She’s recorded a version in Norwegian, called ‘Kun For Meg‘! And she’ll be releasing it as a single there this Summer. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see if it becomes a hit there, and if so, will it inspire lots of other scandipopstars to re-record Scandinavian hits in their own language/territory.

As for Sichelle, you might remember her from when she competed in Melodi Grand Prix 2009. We certainly remember her, as when we reviewed the 21 songs in the early stages, her entry ‘Left/Right’ was one of our favourites – a Keri Hilson ‘Energy’ style lite r&b number. Sadly though, it didn’t progress from its heat, and we had no idea what Sichelle had been up to until discovering this today. But we’re glad she’s back, and in these circumstances too.

You can hear Sichelle’s version below. If you’re familiar with the original, then you’ll notice that the EXACT same backing track has been used – meaning that Medina’s Danish record label are totally on board with this cover version. Well, either that or Sichelle’s going to court!

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