Koo is she?!

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Sometimes a clubland bassline is all it takes to make us happy. Take ‘Vapaa’ by Kaija Koo for example, a track which has taken up a 15 week residency in the Finnish singles chart, and is currently top 5 over there. It’s a nice enough song, we like the chorus a lot. But the verses and music never really grabbed us enough. Well it’s now been given a dance remix. And it’s not even a particularly clever one at that. It sounds like a generic, mid noughties, scouse house backing track, and you half expect Scooter to appear after a few seconds! But something about it works really well for us. It suits the melodies perfectly and it’s turned out to be an unlikely success of a remix. And of course it’s always a treat to hear a nice melody sung in Finnish too. So we’re liking this. A lot!

Kaija gets extra admiration from us, as she’s been releasing music since 1995 in Finland, 8 albums worth of material. And we love it when a seasoned pop lady gets all clubbed up for a comeback!

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