Kom Tillbaka!

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‘Tis the season of Swedish language club anthems! First there was the almighty Supermarkets, Anders Bagge, and Medina, with ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’. Then there was what’s arguably the biggest song in Sweden right now – ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’, from Eric Amarillo. And then something a little bit cheesier in the form of ‘Den Bästa Dagen’, by In Styles feat Kerima. Perhaps all taking the lead from what was the biggest hit of 2010 in Sweden – September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt‘. Well now we’ve got a new song hopping onto the trend – ‘Kom Tillbaka’ by Vic, which has been remixed by the aforementioned In Styles.

FUCK knows who this Vic is, we’ve certainly never heard of him, her, or them before. But this ‘Kom Tillbaka’ joint is a tune and a half, so that’s all that matters really. A quick scour online reveals that it’s only the In Styles remix available to listen to. So again – FUCK knows what the original sounds like, but the remix is what’s rocking our world at this moment in time anyway.

It’s male vocalled, and it’s an extra large helping of house. A bit harder, in the same league as ‘Du Säger Du Älskar Mig’, but with less of an electro sound. We’d say it’s like a cross between that and ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’. Either way it’s a banger, and a hugely welcome new addition to this extremely likeable bandwagon that’s going on in Sweden right now.

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