Kleerup feat. Susanne Sundfør: ‘Let Me In’

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Some good news for fans of good music. Kleerup is back. With bells on. He’s got a new EP coming out in October, followed by another new EP early next year, followed by a full length album some time after that. So he’s back. Like, proper.

‘As If We Never Won’ is the first EP, and comes out on October 13th. And not only is he getting it right in terms of the volume of music he’s churning out, he’s also not fucking about when it comes to the vocalists he’s featuring. Have a gander at the tracklisting below;

01 Sad Boys
02 Let Me In [ft. Susanne Sundfør]
03 To Die For [ft. Jenny Wilson]
04 Rock U [ft. Malin Dahlstrom (of Niki & The Dove)]
05 As If We Never Won [ft. Maja Ivarsson (of the Sounds)]
06 Thank God for Sending Demons

You won’t have very long to wait until you can hear one of them. The Susanne Sundfør collaboration ‘Let Me In’ was released as a single on Friday, and you can listen to it below.

It features Andreas Kleerup (what a man, eh?) taking things back to the 80s slant on disco. Sounding in parts a bit like when Kleerup’s Swedish forefathers ABBA occasionally explored disco in the early 80s, as it happens. He delivers an on-the-surface frivolous and fun production, that’s punctuated with seconds of camp drama. A drama that we like to imagine would be accompanied by shoulder pads and a lot of hairspray, should a music video ever surface. We’re surprised to be hearing something like this from Kleerup, but we’re loving it a hell of a lot.

We’ve yet to feature a Susanne Sundfør solo effort on this site, but if you’ve been reading for a while then you’ll be familiar with her work with both M83 (‘Oblivion’) and Röyksopp (‘Running To The Sea’). And it sort of makes sense that she would collaborate with Kleerup eventually. As expected, they sound great together.

Here’s ‘Let Me In’.

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