Kevin Zack: ‘Wanna Go’

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It’s debut-single-from-a-new-Swedish-pop-chap time. Always good days. Here’s the latest – Kevin Zack and ‘Wanna Go’.

It’s a genre straddling number – electro to r&b and all the way back to our familiar and favourite of them all, pop. Nothing you haven’t heard one or two times before, but it’s a strong start for a new male popstar from Sweden. And as we all know around these parts, male popstars from Sweden tend to end up giving us very good pop. So we’re always happy to welcome another one to the fold.

Kevin Zack is newer than most on the Swedish pop scene – largely because he’s been living in Hollywood for the past three years. Born to an American Dad and a Swedish Mum, he says that he channels both influences into his tunes. It’s in Stockholm that he’s working on all new music now though. Sensible chap.

‘Wanna Go’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.


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