The most recent winner of Swedish Idol, Kevin Walker, has released his first single since winning the contest (and releasing winner’s single ‘Belong’). It’s ‘The Real Thing’, which he released a few weeks back.

It’s always interesting to hear what an Idol winner (or any Idol participant) comes out with as their first proper single. It’s the first time we get to hear an idea of what they’re all about, musically. And what’s Kevin gone with? A raucous and retro number that fuses pop, rock, and Motown flavoured soul. The combination of those three influences, plus the fact that it’s all delivered via a high tempo and an energetic tone, means that it’s quite an invigorating listen! With Kevin Walker, we don’t really get the impression that this is the sound that will be trademarking his future releases. And instead this perhaps just indicates that he’ll be bestowing short and sharp blasts of different genres of pop music onto his singles, EPs, and albums. And that’s just fine with us.

‘The Real Thing’ was written and produced by Jörgen Elofsson. And it features British soul singer Joelle Moses, who recently appeared on the UK version of The Voice. She gets given the middle eight with which to make her vocal mark – and she certainly does!

Kevin gave the first TV performance of the song at last night at the birthday concert for Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria. Grande, eh?! And she seemed to love it too. Watch that performance below, and listen to the studio version on Spotify below that.

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