Jonas & The Hit Factory!

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m e5fa2d4676a1199c6d01e20ea78917dfKeeping with the Jonas Von Der Burg love, we bring you two more new acts to come from Sweden. There are no plans as yet for them to be released in the UK, but since when was that a barrier to our enjoyment of scandipop?! You can listen to both acts (and the new version of September’s ‘Because I Love You’) on his myspace;


First up is hot dance track ‘Blackout’ by hot dance singer Gathania. She was in the 2007 series of Swedish Idol, and ‘Blackout’ coincidentally starts off like ‘Winning Streak’, the hit single by that series’ winner Marie Picasso. But as you’d hope and expect, by the chorus it’s a full on disco belter with an anthemic top line and catchy club friendly backing track. It’s glaringly obvious to say ‘’it sounds like September’’, but it really really does. In fact, it sounds like what September should be releasing as the follow up to ‘Cry For You’ in the UK. For now though, there isn’t even a release scheduled for Sweden. But we can watch her progress in Poland, where the single is released by Lemon Records.




m 595dd2d033469e41b975c28157afdfc5Next up is Nexx! And if Gathania is the new September, then Nexx are the new Da Buzz (if you really need a comparison). As well as working with Jonas, they’re also collaborating with 2N Productions. They aren’t exactly new per say, but they are on the verge of a breakthrough now than they have been in the past – thanks to their new song ‘Syncronize Lips’. They used to be called Nex, and had a minor career in parts of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. You can listen to their older material at their myspace; – including a cover of Yazoo’s ‘Don’t Go’ and what sounds like a cheekily subtle sample of the vocals of Sugababes’ ‘Push The Button’ in ‘Straight To Bed’. We love the older tracks too, but they’ve surpassed all that with the amazing ‘Syncronize Lips’. Again, no word on a UK launch. But as with Gathania, they’re probably going to wait and see how Daniela (more on her a few posts below) fares on these shores – all three are managed by Victoria Ekeberg, as is September.


Jonas, along with Victoria and 2N Productions really are consistently churning out our absolute favourite kind of scandipop. Long may it continue.

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