Jonas Oakland returns with a new release, and an exclusive free download for scandipop readers!

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Remember the electro dance pop prodigy Jonas Oakland? We wrote about him quite a bit on here in 2008 and 2009, when he treated music to three polished and perfect pop tunes, ‘Beat Of My Heart’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Where I Belong’. The three feats of pop were all the more admirable as not only had Jonas written them himself, he’d also released them himself too. Without any help from a record label or manager, he wrote the tracks, recorded them, promoted them, and made them available for people all over the world to buy. Our interview with him last year is a very entertaining read for anyone interested in, or aspiring to be, the independent artist.

It’s been a while now since his most recent single, but thankfully he’s back! Later this month, he’ll be releasing his first remix EP to iTunes. And of course, it’ll be to iTunes all over the world, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to buy it. It’ll also be going on Spotify. But first (and most amazingly) of all, one of the tracks will be available as a free download this weekend, exclusively here on this website, available only to scandipop readers. More on that below…

But first, the remix EP itself. It consists of two remixes of ‘Beat Of My Heart’. Both by the same remix team, but with different sounds, reflected in their titles which name check different dancefloor scenes. So there’s the DJ Amitai Bar Lavi & Big Al Ibiza Club mix, and the DJ Amitai Bar Lavi & Big Al Stockholm Nightscape mix.

The Ibiza Club mix is big on bass. It’s a collaboration of early noughties dancefloor synths, and current electro house beats. And it features two of the best elements that can be included in dance music – a drop out of the music where there’s silence and then the vocal comes back with a teasingly subtle backbeat – and also one of those insane, winding build ups that can only exist in dance music, you know, one of those moments on the dancefloor when everyone looks at each other with a knowing grin in anticipation of the arms in the air explosion that’s about to happen! The Stockholm nightscape remix is MASSIVE on bass. And it introduces a euphoric piano backing to proceedings. It’s calmer than the Ibiza mix. It’s still got a lot of energy, but it’s an energy that’s focused. Plus, it’s got its own insane build up/explosion near the end, to compete with the Ibiza mix.

The remix that we’re giving away for free on here is the Ibiza Club mix. We’ve decided that the best time to launch it is on a Friday afternoon – as it’s the perfect piece of music to get you in the mood for the weekend ahead. So you can download it whilst you’re at work thinking about the evening ahead, or you can grab hold of it as you’re getting ready for your Friday night out. It’ll only be available for 24 hours, but of course once you’ve downloaded it, it’s your to keep forever.

So……check back here anytime this Friday afternoon until this Saturday afternoon, for your exclusive free mp3.

Until then we’ll leave you with the still amazing in its original form, ‘Beat Of My Heart’

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