John de Sohn: ‘You Only Love Me’

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Swedish house producer John de Sohn yesterday released his new single. And it BANGS! Get yourself acquainted with ‘You Only Love Me’.

It’s starts off a trifle bit heard-it-all-before, but then that’s a standard hazard of the genre it’s fair to say. However, it soon develops into what’s positively a bombastic instrumental post-chorus (which is so big that it might even be the actual chorus – who can tell!) and something that’s different to anything else out there at the moment. It’s gets the massive horns out.

John de Sohn was of course also responsible for last year’s sublime ‘Dance Your Tears Away’. He’s released a few more singles since then, and although they’ve all been commercially successful, there’s been nothing else to our tastes. ‘You Only Love Me’ however, is a massive return to form, and we hope that he scores a big hit with it. There’s currently a big budget video being filmed for it in India, so the folk behind it obviously have high hopes for the song. And you’ll understand why when you hear it.

The two vocalists on board (and playing second fiddle to that ph’nom instrumental post-chorus) are the relatively unknown Karl Michael and Shirin El-Hage. We loved the beginning of the second verse when Shirin’s voice kicked in, and we realised it was actually a duet.

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