John De Sohn feat. Kristin Amparo: ‘Dance Our Tears Away’

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The new series of Let’s Dance kicks off in a few weeks, and with that comes a new theme tune!

In keeping with Anton Hysén winning the last season, TV4 have upped the camp factor even further when selecting the music this year. And so 2013’s official Let’s Dance is the sonic scent of the last few dregs of your bottle of poppers leaking onto the KY stained black satin sheets that adorn a mattress which has been given its fair share of a carnal, testosterone fueled pounding. Ahem.

It’s John De Sohn featuring Kristin Amparo with the gloriously titled ‘Dance Our Tears Away’. A Swedish house producer featuring a Swedish jazz vocalist, both of whom have crossed the borders of their respective genres into the seedy areas of town, for a jolly. This song is as camp as tits, but so so fabulous with it. It wears shocking pink shockingly well.

The song was originally released in December last year, but has been re-released today in light of the Let’s Dance connection.

Here’s the video, but skip to the 0:44 mark to skip to the annoying dialogue and straight to the good stuff. And the song has been released outside of Sweden too, iTunes link under the vid.

Dance Our Tears Away (feat. Kristin Amparo) [Remixes] - John De Sohn


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