Jimi Constantine: ‘Dirty Cinderella’

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Jimi Constantine is a name we only heard of for the first time last month, when it was announced that he would be competing next January to get the chance to represent Finland at Eurovision 2011. And perhaps knowing that a lot of people would be asking who he was in light of his new challenge, he timed the release of his new single ‘Dirty Cinderella’. This won’t be the song he’ll be competing with of course, just a stop gap until then. And we do rather like it a lot. It’s quite guitar heavy, but totally pop with it. It’s got a very catchy chorus, bordering on Max Martin good. Lyrically it’s a bit off, but when the melody is that good we don’t really care.

Another reason why we like this is because of its accompanying video. Jimi’s not exactly painful to the eye, and by some stroke of luck, he appears to LOVE getting his top off. You can watch it below.

And we would love to see Jimi walk the national final in January, and make it to Eurovision for Finland.

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