Jessica Folcker: ‘Who Am I’

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Jessica Folcker has made an almighty return to pop music this week, with brand new single ‘Who Am I’.

Mercifully to all of her pop fans, she’s chosen to come back firmly to her pop roots. ‘Who Am I’ is an up-tempo track with a vibrant, layered production, and a melody that harks back to her reign in the 90s. As is the way with commercial pop though, the bestest thing about it is its massive chorus. This one veritably soars. We can’t emphasise enough how much we love that a) she’s back, and b) in such a poptastic fashion.

‘Who Am I’ has been crafted by Moh Denebi who has been infamous in Swedish music for over a decade now, but is perhaps now most famous for being the man behind Loreen’s ‘stuff’.

The comeback single got its premiere on P3 radio last night, and you can listen to it below. Just skip to the 18:33 mark.

Who Am I - Single - Jessica Folcker


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