Jessica Folcker: ‘Gravity’

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Jessica Folcker devised and unleashed a secret back up plan last week, leading up to Saturday night’s appearance at Melodifestivalen with Dr Alban, on the song ‘Around The World‘. A continuation of her own solo comeback was put into place, and on all of the usual platforms – iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc – she released her brand new single and video, ‘Gravity’.

Bravo, we say. Well – until we heard it, that is. Following on from the three sublime singles she released last year, ‘Who Am I‘, ‘It’s All About You‘, and ‘Gone With The Wind‘ (and that ace feature she did on ‘Strong Enough‘) – the quality has decidedly dipped with ‘Gravity’, and quite some way too. There may well be a good song in there somewhere, but the production afforded to it has rendered it completely unlistenable. It even veers towards headache territory during the middle eight. And the arrival of a key change can’t save matters either. If there is one person in Scandipop who’s voice does not need to be autotuned beyond recognition, it’s Jessica Folcker. How could they?!

For once, we would welcome a stripped back version of a dancepop track.

‘Gravity’ is written and produced by David Rönneke, Daniel Lundell, Pauline Kamusewu and Tobias Andersson. And whichever one of those is responsible for the production, should hang their heads in shame.

It’s out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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