Jenny Silver has only gone and announced AND released an actual album. Although it might not be the album you wanted from the ‘Something In Your Eyes’ singer, it’s finally an LP in which you can hear her vocals over 10 songs. 10 Monica Zetterlund songs in fact. It’s a covers album taking on the Swedish legend, something she says has been a dream project of hers for a while now. Although it of course now coincides with the release of a biopic on Zetterlund, which has just been released in Swedish cinemas.

She announced on her blog that the lead single from the new album (titled ‘Z’) is that old chestnut ‘Gröna Små Äpplen’. Swedes will know (and love) this song inside out of course, but if you’re not from Sweden and have ever, like EVER watched ANY episode of Allsång På Skansen – then you may well be familiar with it too. It’s a standard. And a gorgeous little one at that.

From ‘On Top Of The World’ to ‘Gröna Små Äpplen’. Why, it’s almost as mismatched as going from ‘A Place To Stay’ to ‘Something In Your Eyes’. And we do love Jenny for that.

The song and its parent album are out now, and they’ve been released outside of Sweden too.

You can listen to ‘Gröna Små Äpplen’ on the below stream, by skipping to the 37:20 mark (and she’s also uploaded two tracks to her blog – ‘Ska Nya Röster Sjunga’ and ‘När Min Vän’)


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