Jenny Langlo: ‘Mockingbirds’

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The most recent winner of Norwegian Idol, Jenny Langlo, is back with a brand new single, a brand new video, and most importantly/impressively – a brand new sound.

Following on from her Idol win in late 2011, she released a couple of pretty good songs, ‘Building An Aeroplane‘ and ‘Million Dollar Signs‘. But after taking a break for just short of a year, she’s back with her strongest track to date, ‘Mockingbirds’. It’s not really the type of thing you expect to hear from an Idol winner so soon after their win. Three albums into their career maybe, but not three singles! Instead, it’s more akin to what you would hear from any of Jenny’s cooler Scandinavian contemporaries – the sort of women that get featured in UK newspapers and on American indiepop websites, when either of the two are having their latest “ooh, look how great Scandinavian music can be” type feature thing.

The verses, and so the introduction to the song, are quite dull. But it all kicks off once the chorus comes in. And then gets even better during its post-chorus. And then those verses aren’t so dull anymore, when you return to them. They make more sense. It’s a truly truly great song. And it’s quite alarming/concerning/disappointing that in the space of one week, the video of a Universal Music signed Idol winner with such a fantastic song, has earned less than two thousand views.

Sort it out, readers. Spread it around;

Mockingbirds - Single - Jenny Langlo


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