Jean Love: ‘Boom Boom Bonita’

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JeanLoveBoomBoomBonita e1404159055867

A Swedish football player turned reality TV star has just released a pretty brill single in time for the FIFA World Cup. It’s Jean Love, whom we’ve written about a couple of times before.

The song is ‘Boom Boom Bonita’. Thankfully, it sounds like those times when football themes songs are done very well, rather than when they’re shit. ‘Boom Boom Bonita’ has itself a catchy Europop chorus, a production that borrows (respectfully) from Edward Maya’s ‘Stereo Love’, and a massive middle eight breakdown on which it goes all ‘Carnival De Paris’ on us. It’s a novelty pop song that knows precisely what it takes to be an endearing novelty pop song, as opposed to an annoying one. And as World Cup 2014 songs go, it’s MUCH better than the official one by Pitbull & J-Lo (though not as good as Adelén’s ‘Olé’ obviously).

See for yourself;


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