Isabel Guzman returns in a (wolf) box!

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181902 179675408744572 170846379627475 397163 7797335 nDo you remember Isabel Guzman? She appeared briefly just under half a decade ago, showed a lot of promise, and then thankfully delivered on all of that promise, when she released her debut album. Not a lot of people noticed unfortunately, but the ones that did were left wanting a lot more.

Well luckily for Isabel’s fandom, the lady herself is now back to making music, and she’s even gone and posted a new track online for you to have a listen to, ‘One For The Radio’. And it is, indeed, one for the radio. Let’s hope that this radio she sings of, finally sits up and takes notice this time around, and actually plays her! Second time around, she’s now going to be known under a different guise – Wolf Box. We shan’t dwell too much on the name change, as it’s not important. What IS important however, is the music. Let’s take a look at ‘One For The Radio’. It’s a cracking little mid-tempo electro pop gem. It’s very dreamy, almost like a valium addled version of Santogold’s ‘L.E.S. Artistes’ (the far superior Girls Can’t Catch version, that is!). And it’s very catchy stuff, also. But then she IS a Swedish pop deity, so the catchiness of her tunage is all par for the course really.

An album is forthcoming. But until then, our appetites are well and truly whetted with ‘One For The Radio’.

Welcome back Isabel Guzman, and a cheery hello to Wolf Box!

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