It’s time for a new Jonas Oakland single!

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Jonas Oakland Web CD cover

Admirably independent Swedish singer, Jonas Oakland, has concocted another perfect piece of pop in his own personal hit factory. This time he’s created a much darker sound for himself, although still very much poptastic. ‘Point Of No Return’ sees Jonas play around with more electro beats, and as a result, it’s got a mesmerizing and industrial electro riff going all the way through as a dominant bassline. Said electro beats are joined spectacularly by a much brighter synth riff in the second verse, which lifts the song to a new dimension, and turns it into quite an interesting piece of music – dark and light juxtaposed. And all the while, you’ve got a basic, yet catchy vocal melody going on, into which Jonas has entwined intricate changes of key. To top it all off, there’s an ‘’oh-woah-oh-woah-oh’’ line that’s repeated throughout the song for that extra familiarity, AND he’s even recruited an actual robot for backing vocals! Ok, that’s perhaps just some studio wizadry, but still – it sounds like an actual robot is doing backing vocal duties! It’s all very addictive.

‘Point Of No Return’ is released on iTunes all over the world later this month. But coming this Friday morning, we’ll be uploading a clip of the track for you to listen to. Marvellous!

If you want to know more about Jonas Oakland, you can read our interview with him from last year, here. And on top of being a regular interview with Jonas, it’s also (if we may say so ourselves) quite a fascinating insight into the workings and mechanics of the totally independent artists of today.

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