It’s Saturday!

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Basshunter is back! And he’s had a sonic face lift.

BasshunterHe’s ditched the catchy euro synth riffs that made him a continental superstar, and sold him over a million singles and albums in the UK alone. And he’s gone a bit more modern on us. It’s still dance music thankfully, but it’s the type of dance music that is currently being sold as urban pop music all over the world, and being championed by the likes of Red One, Taio Cruz, and Tinchy Stryder to name but a few. In fact brand new single ‘Saturday’ sounds like ‘Break Your Heart’ having its wicked way with ‘Just Dance’, while ‘Pyromania’ looks on, seething with envy!

Comparisons to Cascada will be inevitable, as the German/Anglo dance act also abandoned their cheesy euro dance roots for their most recent album’s singles, and instead went for a more Lady GaGa sound on the likes of ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’, ‘Fever’, and the aforementioned ‘Pyromania’. We’re not quite sure how much of a detrimental effect being seen to be emulating Cascada is going to have on Basshunter, but the fact that ‘Saturday’ is better than any of those three Cascada singles should hopefully silence those particular critics. Although for the record, we absolutely adore ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’!

Jonas provides most of the vocals on ‘Saturday’, but ropes in a lady to perform the chorus. And the chorus is absolutely brilliant. Effortlessly catchy, and it hits you like none of his songs have ever hit you before. It contains not one, but two repetition riffs that stick like glue – ”I like to move it, move it”, and a nice ”ey ey…ey ey…ey” line. We like it more than anything else he’s ever released.

The single was premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night. But unfortunately, his label are removing all youtube uploads containing the radio rip of the song, so we can’t embed the song here on the site for you to listen to. However, if you head over to youtube, then you should be able to find it and play it before it gets taken down, as more people are uploading it every few hours.

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