It’s Me……ALINA!

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Hooray, ‘When You Leave’ by Alina is finally coming out in the UK next month. The Basshunter produced re-versioning of O-Zone‘s hit ‘Dragostea Din Tea’ has done a bit of business on the UK club charts already, and the hot as hell video has notched up millions of views on youtube. As predicted, it’s divided opinions in music forums around the internet. There are the joyless folk, completely missing its point and being horrified at how unbelievably shit they think it is. And then there are those who are taking it for exactly what it is – smiley, dancey, happy, cheesy pop music! We’re in the latter camp obviously! ”It’s all just a bit of fun” has often been incorrectly used to describe a pop track that is actually just not very good at all, but we believe that such a reasoning is perfectly applicable in the case of ‘When You Leave’. All one has to do is hear the lyric, ”it’s me…….ALINA” for the penny to drop with regards to the sentiment of this song. It’ll take something huge in the next couple of weeks to make this into a massive hit, but hopefully that’ll happen – we can’t think of a better song to become the UK’s summer cheese record this year. It’s released on July 13th.

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