ItaLove & TQ: ‘Rhythm of Love’

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This is such a sublime song. Perhaps you have to be of a certain age to truly appreciate the sonic references, but if being a little bit older means that we get to enjoy tunes like this on so many levels – bye bye to youth!

Although actually, any pop fan should be able to love this – regardless of what era they were born in. In fact, for a more recent comparison of what this sounds like, look no further than imagining if Pete Hammond had remixed Martin Rolinski’s ‘In & Out of Love’ from this year’s Melodifestivalen. Blimey.

It’s the latest single from Italo Disco OBSESSED Swedes ItaLove, featuring their songstress mate from LA, TQ. Delightfully camp and frivolous, it’s a welcome attack on the senses – close your eyes and you can see the figures dancing mincingly through the dry ice, close your nostrils and you can detect the amyl, hold your hands over your ears and you can….actually don’t do that, because then you won’t hear the song.

We weren’t old enough to be dancing in gay clubs across Europe in the 80s. But on the strength of this – boy did we miss out. We don’t care if Sharon Osbourne has fucked the life out of the word – this is FABULOUS!

‘Rhythm of Love’ is out now, and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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